Through the Lens

As photographers we tell stories through our pictures; poetry in motion frozen in time. This page is dedicated to curating the stories of clients and favourite photo series. It is designed for reflection and inspiration. These are our stories.

Post COVID Photoshoot

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the global economy and disrupted and destroyed many lives. The question isn't wether you believe in the science or the protocols; but, what do you do and how do you live in a post Covid world.

Two months of 24 hour lockdowns with very little physical contact with the outside world took its toll on my creative mind. Once the green light was given for ease of restrictions I jumped at the chance to dust off my camera to capture something beautiful. Humanity is a complexed but beautiful thing and we must not lose it; this series was taken to remind us of the simple elegant things that matter most.

There is always sunshine after the rain, you just have to be patient and wait.